Commitment to Quality and Safety

McColman and Sons Demolition Ltd. is committed to quality work and safety. We follow strict policies and procedures. Our safety procedures include the following items:

  1. Company Safety Policy and Assignment of Responsibilities
  2. Environmental Policy
  3. Hazard Assessment
  4. Safe Work Practices
  5. Safe Job Procedures
  6. Rules
  7. Personal Protective Equipment
  8. Preventative Maintenance Program
  9. Training and Safety Meetings
  10. Inspections
  11. Investigations
  12. Emergency Preparedness
  13. Records and Statistics
  14. First Aid
  15. WHMIS
  16. Safety Guidelines for Sub-Contractors and Employees
  17. Asbestos Removal Procedures
  18. Summary of Employer and Employee Responsibilities
  19. Alcohol and Drug Policy