The Brewery District Building #11 East Demolition – Molson

Client: Synergy Projects Ltd

Owner: First Capital Asset Management LP

McColman & Sons Demolition Ltd. (MSDL) was awarded the contract May 2014 and completed in record time for the client to build the new shopping centre.

Scope of work:

  • Removed, salvaged, cleaned and palletized brick masonry that will be used in the new construction
  • Demolished and removed 4 holding tanks complete with piping, ducting, conveyors and hoppers
  • Removed and salvaged 10 stainless steel tanks and stored onsite for resale by owners
  • Removed, salvage and stored architectural items for owners
  • Demolished and removed Building 11 including foundation

MSDL are very proud to be part of this LEED project.

  • Location: Edmonton, AB
  • Value: $1,162,142
  • Year: May 2014 – September 2014
  • Type of Work: Building Demolition
    Investment Recovery
McColman Demolition Services - Edmonton Alberta