What Some Of Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Client Testimonials


On behalf of everyone here at Glen Armstrong Construction Ltd. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks in having the opportunity to work with you and your crew on the Alberta Transportation demolition and remediation project completed last fall here in Peace River.
Everyone involved from your end was an absolute pleasure to work with. Should the opportunity present itself, we look forward to working with you on future projects. Please pass along my sincere appreciation to everyone involved from your end.
Mark Schwab, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.)
General Manager – Glen Armstrong Construction Ltd.

I was on site today and your crew is doing a great job. They seem to be working hard and I know Brad is happy.
I just thought I would give you some positive feedback.
Laurie Grams
Project Manager – Matrix Services Canada

Just wanted to send a thanks for helping with the Altasteel cooling tower demolition project. It had some challenges and hurdles, but in the end completed safely. Your crew was professional and courteous which made things smooth in the field.
John Snyder
Project Manager – International Cooling Towers, Inc.
Dear Sir,

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I was very impressed with the way you and your staff handled the demolition of the Poundmaker Lodge. It was a very sensitive project, and your staff are to be commended in handling it in a very professional and expedient manner. Your day-to-day involvement and communication with the client, air monitoring consultant, and Alberta Infrastructure staff ensured that the project ran smoothly and that the least amount of disruption occurred at the center during the demolition process.
The project was completed prior to the scheduled completion date, allowing our client access to the site earlier than expected.
Thank you for all your hard work and a job well executed.

Yours truly,
Jutta Cyrynowski
Project Manager – Northwest Area
Chinook Health Region
Dear Sir:

The St. Michael’s Health Care Centre Demolition Project recently completed by your firm was, quite simply, very well done.
On behalf of the owner and consultants involved we want to acknowledge that the contributions and cooperation that McColman & Sons Demolitions portrayed is the reason this project went extremely well. We wish you much success in your future endeavors.
Outstanding work!

Yours truly,
Chinook Health Region
Gary Duke
Director of Planning – Chinook Health Region
PCL Construction Ltd.
Dear Sir:

This is to advise that McColman and Sons were the structural demolition subcontractor on the Francis Winspear Centre for Music project. Their work involved demolition of two major structures and two structures of a more minor nature. We found the performance of their work to be excellent on this project. They were conscious of schedule, staffed the job well and had excellent equipment with which to carry out the work. We are very pleased with the work they did for us on this project and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.
Fred Russell
PCL Construction Ltd.
Forest Contract Management
Edmonton, Alberta
Dear Sir:

McColman & Sons Demolition Ltd. has performed three major demolition contracts for us in the past couple of years. On each occasion they have performed their work on a timely and efficient basis. The first project they did for us was the Ft. Saskatchewan Bridge. This was a bridge that we were renting off of Alberta Transportation at $2000 a day and it was essential that we complete this project ahead of schedule. With their demolition we were able to substantially gain on our estimated schedule. In addition they have performed demolition work for us at the Edmonton International Airport and at our Rock Creek Canyon Bridge project. They are presently doing the demolition for us on our Ballantyne Pier project in Vancouver, B.C.
We find them to be very efficient and innovative at this type of work and have no hesitation about using them on any of our projects.

Yours truly,
Frank Margitan, P. Eng.
A.L. Cole / EGS
Dear Mr. McColman:

We wish to express our satisfaction with McColman and Sons Demolition Ltd. on completion of demolition of our Estevan Generation Station.
Sask Power did not have any previous experience on demolition projects of this size. Not having worked with a demolition contractor, we were initially quite apprehensive as to the safety and work procedures we might see being used.
The professional. organized, and safety-conscious manner in which you executed the project, completing it ahead of schedule, was proof of your capabilities in the demolition field. We would not hesitate to consider you for future projects.

Gord Borycki
Project Leader – A.L. Cole/EGS
St. Michael’s Health Centre
Dear Sir:

Re: Performance of 13th Street Demolition
On behalf of St. Michael’s Health Centre, I would like to congratulate McColman and Sons on the successful performance of the demolition of our 13th Street site.
Our initial concerns with regard to scheduling and the safe conduct of the work were quickly addressed and resolved by your site Superintendent.
The greatest potential for delays and cost over-runs was in the asbestos removal and again this was resolved quickly and the performance of your tradesman was exceptional.
I would like to recognize McColman and Sons Demolition’s for the professional way in which you approached the project, the whole conduct of which was very satisfactory .

Bill Halley
Director, Support Services – St. Michael’s Health Centre
Wascana Energy Inc
Dear Alan.

On behalf of Wascana Energy Inc. I would like to thank you and your people for doing an excellent job of demolishing the surface facilities on the lower terrace of the Okotoks Gas Plant site.
The facilities included a large (55′ dim.) molten sulphur storage tank, and various concrete structures. The tank, because of the sulphur dust and carbonaceous material it contained, posed a very real fire and explosion risk during it’s dismantlement. Your tank demolition procedures not only proved to be safe but highly effective. Similarly, your demolition methods for removing and crushing the concrete structures were well planned and executed safely.
The total job was done on schedule, at the contract price, and without any environmental or safety incidents or accidents.
Again, thank you for the professional manner in which McColman & Sons Demolition Ltd. carried out the work.

Yours sincerely
Terry Wildman
Project Manager. Okotoks Project – Wascana Energy Inc

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